Waxy, Reusable Creations

Recently J (6 years old) found left-over Bendaroos
(wax-covered string) that she got as a gift for her birthday,
and came up with these great little sculptures. They make
me smile, fun bursts of color and something to do in the
middle of winter. They can be used over and over again.
Although, I am hanging onto these little guys for awhile.
  "Ta da!" A surprise that came at a time when I needed a smile.

More bursts of color on our kitchen cabinets.
I went on the search for some more, but ended up getting
Wikki Stix. (I know, too much like Wiki Leaks or Wikipedia,
right?) They are a little different, but came in a large selection
of color. Not a cheap art supply, but they can be reused and
reused. It has been awhile since I have seen them get so into
making something!
"I don't want to stop." A (age 9).

Despite some technical difficulties, not being as
soft and pliable as they'd like, their creations turned
out pretty cool. J's review of Wikki Stix, "They are
okay, but Bendaroos are definitely better." Okay,
I will take that under advisement. Dear Blick Art
Materials, please start carrying Bendaroos.

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