The way kids display

Last weekend I stepped into the kitchen and the fridge was
hosting a portrait exhibit! I was impressed with the work
and the way it was displayed. And to tell you the truth, this
discovery helped relieve of some of the guilt I've had for
not doing more art-making with my daughters lately. If
materials are available, they figure it out.

Our 6-year-old's portrait exhibit on the fridge

This got me thinking about how kids choose to display
and arrange other things.  Looking around our house there is
evidence of kid-driven display. In our bathroom a "how to
properly wash your hands" colored worksheet from school
hangs above the sink. It appeared there one day, and is a good
reminder. Let's put that informational signage to work.

 Always Wash Your Hands

Bedrooms. Well, we all remember when we took over the
control of what was on the walls and shelves of our childhood
bedrooms. What they choose to display says a lot about them
and the stages they are going through at the time. Which makes
me think--it would be fun to document the changes on the walls
and shelves over the years.

Our 9-year-old's bedroom wall, 
a.k.a. her first large-scale collage

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