A's Ladder Sculpture

Especially living in the North, Spring springs new energy,
projects and ideas...

Shortly after her family-tree project in school and the day
after her dad went turkey hunting, we found A (age 10)
busy collecting sticks. Later, I came upon this scene. She
explained that she has hung 16 turkey feathers from the
ladder she constructed, one for each of her first cousins.
She wanted to include each of her cousins on her
family-tree school project, but she ran out of time.
So, this is her Cousin Ladder Sculpture up to her
"family tree".
supplies: sticks, a small hatchet, string, scissors,
turkey feathers, patience

16 feathers, one for each first cousin.

She obviously loves her cousins!


  1. I love this. A....what an awesome concept and beautiful representation of your cousins! Did I say I love this?

  2. What a warm and loving symbol for those that you love! it's GREAT!

  3. aww. dear, sweet Anna. How neat that you love your cousins so much:)! We'll be over there to check it out!!!

  4. So smart! I agree, there is some motherly DNA at work. Fun to see. :)