Marimekko project (by J)

At my school that I go to the fifth graders 
always do a interest fair project on what they are interested in.
This year it was my turn. One day my dad just suddenly 
says that I have a lot of work to do I didn't know what what he 
mean't. He told me that I had a lot to do on my interest fair project.
When we had not started talking about it in school 
someone popped an idea in my head that Marimekko would be a 
good one. Marimekko is a finnish design company. I thought that would 
be perfect because I have always heard my family talking about it
and I never really knew the history of it so I decided to 
go with it. it was a lot of work, but it all came together 
when it was time to present I was surprised how many people
knew what Marimekko was and that they had Marimekko 
at their homes. In the end I had a really fun time doing it and 
learning more about it.

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