Passing the Blog-torch

I started this blog when my daughters were 5 and 8.
They are now 12 and nearly 9. So, I am passing it
onto them... and maybe I will be a guest blogger,
occasionally.  They have asked me many times to
add their work to this blog within the last few
years, and I have failed. BUT, the theme for
this Spring is: if you can do it yourself, why have 
mom do it? (Especially when mom should be
helping dad finish that new house, so we can
move in this Summer.)

There will be ground rules, of course. (Hey,
I can feel that eye-roll.) But, I am looking forward
to watching how this develops. After all, the
basis of this blog is kid-driven brilliance.

Here is my very first post on Making Honey below:
Some of my best memories from this summer spent with
our daughters was when they were exploring, inventing,
and creating... and I was there, not micro-managing

Now while getting my Art classroom ready for the school
year (I teach Art to grades 2-12), I am thinking back to our
summer moments of "making honey", those sweet (and
sometimes sticky, messy) moments of kid-driven
brilliance. I thought I'd share some of these creations
to help other parents with ideas, but also as
a way to keep making more memories with A & J.
Childhood is so short. Our time together is so short.
So let's make honey!

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