Handmade Paper Quilts

Last summer our local arts guild hosted an art camp for
elementary-aged students. Especially since we don't have
an elementary art teacher, we had a great turn out and a
lot of enthusiasm.

This project involved making recycled handmade paper in
various colors, creating a quilt pattern with tearing or cutting
the handmade paper squares, gluing  the "quilt" patterns onto
some brown craft paper and then painting various details for
added color. Later, these quilts and some other projects from
the camp were on display at a local cafe.

Students show me their handmade paper, still wet on the felt.

Painting on the quilts when we ran out of table space.
A, age 10. A manga-inspired "Chibi Quilt"

J, age 7. "Colorful Quilt"

A, age 10, found some extra handmade paper
recently, must have been the same day that
she found my sewing kit!

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