Work what you've got!

When our niece stayed over last weekend, I was
I was kicking myself for not having more paper or
canvas panels to paint. Of course, it didn't take us
long to find something... How about boxes and an
old frame?!!

Great practice mixing new colors, not straight from the bottle.

I was thinking about using spray primer on this,
but A convinced me that she wanted to paint it
as it is. It turns out that the design on the box added
to her painting. There are so many great colors
typography on the boxes, why not leave some
of the
original design as part of the new one? And
a great chance to talk about and notice packaging design.

A free standing painting.
Ah, I seriously am not organized enough to plan to
use a Honey Maid box for our Making Honey blog...
just noticed that now! Wow, sweet!

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