Circular Designs

I've been fascinated with circular designs through history
and cultures lately (mandalas, kaleidoscopes, etc.), so A & J
have helped come up with some ideas.

They started with their baby photos in the
middle of the kitchen table, and then worked their way out.
To me this is a memory wheel, showing the layers
of time as they have played and grown.
We collaborated on these, first with tracing an ice cream pail
lid. I demonstrated radial symmetry, and then they had
fun trying out the woodless colored pencils and creating many
shapes and lines within a color scheme. (No, Prismacolor is
not paying me for this endorsement... maybe they should!!)
Sometimes it really helps kids (and adults) when they have
a format or way to begin on the empty page, more easily
allowing creative ideas to sprout. I have a feeling that there
will be many more circular designs forming around our place

Another circular design! Recently, A brought this compass rose
home from school, a project from her 3rd Grade Social Studies class.

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