Idea Books

Kids are idea machines. I am quite jealous, to them a
creative block is not being able to find a pen or pencil! A
great place for ideas to form is in notebooks/sketchbooks.

I have no idea how many books we have purchased from the
dollar section at Target... nothing fancy, just something easy
to carry around. Actually, my daughters prefer the lined
notebooks; again, the kid-friendly, low-pressure factor is
what is most important. We have journals in the car,
bedroom, living room, toy box--everywhere.

They begin as empty books and end up filled with drawings,
poetry, math practice, tic-tac-toe games, autographs, kid-made
surveys, illustrations of things wished for, documentations of
recent events, etc.
J (age 5) shares a recount of
Captain Underpants and the Bad Guy.
(Captain U is a series of silly kids books.)

"This is our cats eating."
(Would love to see this as a painting!)

A's Rainbow Girl scaring away a cloud.

So far, the car seems to be the place
where the ideas flow best. (A, age 8)

Hmmm, wonder where we were when she
practiced her letters on this page! (J, age 5.)

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  1. E loves her notebooks and they're fascinating to look through! Now that you have brought this to my attention I think my son needs a notebook of his own too! Great work from your girls!