Fairy Village in the Flower Bed

Usually these things begin with kid-driven fascinations (that in
turn become fascinations for me too!), in this case
fairies. "A" made this fairy village drawing last winter. Then this
Spring we spent some time on http://disney.go.com/fairies/,
where they created their own fairy characters and named them.
Talk about fun! (Okay, I created my own fairy too, "Mia Pearbee",
a light fairy. If you know me, you know I NEED sunlight, and
I am a little obsessed with pears, bees, & honey metaphors.)

A puts the finishing touch on one of the homes.

The bridge leads through the forest.

The fairy village project started with a nature walk, looking for
flowers for a different project that never really happened because
the fairy homes took over. 2 days later, flowers were umbrellas,
sticks became walls and bridges, moss is a roofing material, a conch
shell is a fairy pool, flat stones became beds and dance floors.
Here is the great thing about kid-driven projects; they seem to
last and entertain longer. They were not looking to me for each
step or to determine if they were finished. I'd love to take credit
for this, but it was all them... I just facilitate and make sure that
the chainsaws are locked away.

When they were done, they created a detailed video tour of the
fairy village.

We had such great friends (cousins) to help.

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