Barbie's Art Show & Coffee Table Book

Earlier this week, J kept asking me to play barbies. Laundry was
kind of the priority at the time, and Barbie doesn't look like she'd
be much help with laundry...

Finally I caved, but with an idea. How about a Barbie art
show? J thought that was a great idea, and started making
mini-art immediately (marker and colored pencil on drawing
paper ripped into a small format, or index cards would be good
too). Right after getting the show up, I was thinking that maybe
we could have a reception, put on some music, and invite other
barbies, but J decided to place the mini-art in a small album
and make a book out of the show--brilliant! (This would also
be a great way of getting kids to talk about their artwork.
They can have Barbie, or GI Joe, explain it to you or another
character... less pressure, more fun.)

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